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Every woman who has been hurt, lied to, and deceived by sexual betrayal can truly heal and feel loved, happy and whole.

You’ve never been more understood than RIGHT NOW.

It’s time to heal from the pain of sexual betrayal.


It’s time for you to find healing and renewal – independent of your spouse’s addiction. To be uncovered is to be vulnerable and exposed – to feel stripped of something sacred. But to Recover is the essence of restoring your dignity, and your peace, and your wholeness.


Chances are you’ve been struggling through sexual betrayal by yourself – or worse, with people who cannot identify or relate because they’ve not been there. Now you can learn from the experiences of women who understand yours and provide the tools to equip you on the road to recovery.


Do you feel like you’ve been living on a rollercoaster? Where twists and turns of despair, anger, anxiety and isolation are the results of wondering how this is all going to end up? Embrace a new way of life with healing and transforming peace that isn’t dictated by your circumstances. 

Four easy modules to help you recover from sexual betrayal

Learn at your own pace

The Recover Workshop is a four-module approach to helping women recover from sexual betrayal. It starts with the relational component of stories from women just like you. It’s an interactive experience that provokes deep thought and reflection, allowing you to write your own story and be in control of your outcome. It helps you obtain healing and recovery you didn’t know was possible. The book, guidebook, ten session video curriculum + bonuses, and small groups online will change everything.

  • Listen in as real women boldly share their stories with honesty and transparency.
  • Be encouraged by real, unscripted in depth conversations about being married to men who have struggled with sexual addictions.
  • See how to go from discovering sexual betrayal in marriage to healing from the hurt, despair, anger and isolation that it brings.
  • A compilation of letters written to women walking through sexual betrayal from others who have been there and personally experienced the same devastation.
  • Words of encouragement on the journey to help you dispel lies and false beliefs.
  • Stories of hope and healing from real women – just like you.
  • Filled with encouraging scripture and words of wisdom and hope to help you with creating boundaries and a plan of action.
  • Your catalyst for personal, in-depth reflection through challenging questions and exercises.
  • Learn how to process your circumstances, thoughts and feelings as you move toward true healing.
  • Talk face to face with someone in a community of like-minded women who know exactly what you’re going through.
  • Encourage and inspire one another to a life of peace and fulfillment that is independent of the choices of your spouse.
  • Reflect upon what you’ve learned with others who are sojourning with you.