Craig Brain

Craig Brain

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This is a pre-order for the new book by Craig Gross called 'Craig Brain.'

The book will ship Summer of 2019!

What Craig Gross has chosen to divulge of himself in this book is something different than any other pursuit he's embarked upon. In this book, he doesn’t come as the teacher, or the leader, or the giver of monologues...

Here, he is the peer and the learner - the conversationalist. 

Craig Brain is more memoir than anything else. It is an invitation to discover and wrestle with and alongside a man who is doing the same.

This is a conversation. Whether you “boo” or applaud, Craig is living out his desires to be not just a hearer, but a doer - and especially when it comes to exemplifying the openness, transparency, and accountability he has long encouraged millions of others to champion in their own lives. 

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