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Thank you for all you guys do concerning marriage. My wife and I have pretty much put each other through hell and back for a lack of better terms. We have both had affairs… Ours is a great story of how God can reconcile even the most strained marriage and bring it back to wholeness. Thanks again for your Godly commitment to help people struggling through what can be (but doesn’t have to be) the toughest relationship of all – marriage!

Jason [Fighting for My Marriage participant]

These videos were so helpful and healing for me!! I could hear all my thoughts in these precious brave women who are sharing from such a painful place. I could hear the pearls that they have found in the pain. Their vulnerability and tears brought hope to me! It has been a long, hard, lonely and painful journey. God has been ever so faithful to hold me thru it.

Terri [Recover participant]

Man, let me tell you. I’ve also experienced a freedom (only two chapters in) that I never knew was possible. Holy Spirit is graciously, patiently guiding me into this freedom. Never give up. Never surrender.

Michael [My Pilgrimage participant]

My spouse has gone through My Pilgrimage. I love your “grace” approach and the reminders that we are on a journey and not in a war!

Mary [Spouse of My Pilgrimage participant]

I actually tried to cancel this program because I was certain our marriage was over. This was the start of a new beginning for our marriage, a turnaround and rebuilding. We are now stronger than we have ever been – my husband just text me last week ” I don’t get mad at you any more, you are my soul mate

Anonymous [Fighting For My Marriage participant]

I cried. I laughed. I remembered. I mourned. I rejoiced. I connected. I related. I got more healing! By the end of this series, I felt I had gained some powerful friendships. Normally it would take years of building a relationship to reach this kind of closeness where someone is willing to reveal so much pain and triumph. These women have given us a rich gift, and I am better for it.

Anne [Recover participant]

This is truly revolutionary and I am so thankful for this, the message, and the group of you guys out there right now that aren’t living in the “under a rock” mentality and ignoring real issues that real people are having.

Randy [My Pilgrimage participant]